About Competitive Crosswords

Competitive Crosswords gives individuals an opportunity to complete a crossword puzzle about biblical information and be financially rewarded for being the winner. Many people enjoy the challenge of completing crosswords about the Bible to learn more about the Scriptures,  to understand them better, or just for fun and relaxation.

With the Competitive Crosswords, you have an option to submit your answers and be financially rewarded if you are selected as the winner.

The winner is the first person to submit a completed correct crossword.

The monetary reward is posted every week and it could change from week to week.

The winner must have an online account (like PayPal) where the money can be sent.

While it might be more convenient to print a hardcopy of the crossword, it is not absolutely necessary to have a printer. Everything can be completed without having a printer.

The weekly crossword puzzle costs $1.00 cost.