About Home-Classing

Home-Classing: Turning each student’s home into a classroom

A practical alternative in Distance Learning for schools

Goal: To help improve students’ academic performance during a time when face-to-face classroom teaching has become restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Objective: To provide an opportunity for students to utilize any aspect of their home-life to complete academic requirements in any subject area.

Any school-age child should be able to use items/events/experiences in his/her home-life to complete an assignment in any subject area that complies with the local academic standard and receives a grade.

Any teacher (present, former or retired) can create an assignment based on the items/events/experiences that a student is exposed to in his/her homelife to create an academic assignment that complies with the local standard.

A teacher should be able to produce an assignment that requires the student to look at items in his/her home and complete an assignment. That assignment can then be turned in to the teacher to be evaluated and a grade given.

The competed assignment can be brought to the school to the teacher or be sent to the teacher through an online-distance learning medium.

Homelife: This includes items/events/experiences that any student encounters in their home or the neighborhood surrounding the home. It also includes family-based activities such as traveling, shopping, or going to places like the beach.

The idea is to convert every experience a child has in and around the home and the neighborhood into an academic learning opportunity that can be documented, evaluated and eventually become incorporated into the child’s expected assessment.

Any item in the house or neighborhood

Any process in the house or the neighborhood.

Any event in the home or the neighborhood.

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